About Us

La Candelilla Estate Tarrazú Coffee Mill is located in a small town called San Marcos, in the highland valley of Tarrazú surrounded by mountains; in the southwestern region of Costa Rica. La Candelilla Estate is situated only 20 minutes from San Marcos downtown.

The Estate “candelilla” was named after the fireflies that light up the nearby creek on summer nights, “candelilla” is the word that locals use to refer to fireflies in the region.

It all started in the Candelilla Estate when the Sanchez’s family, a third generation of coffee producers, decided to go further into coffee business by processing their own coffee. The goal was to capture a higher share of income and to preserve the legacy of their father and predecessors.

By the end of the nineties, there was a clear, new market tendency to leave behind coffee as a commodity. This created a demand for specialty, high quality coffee that was much more expensive, which represented an opportunity of higher profit for smaller producers.

In December of 2000, after a lot of hard work and commitment, the Sanchez family started operations at La Candelilla coffee mill, producing 650 bags (975hundredweight) of high quality coffee.

In 2002 La Candelilla exported for the first time coffee to the world known Italian roaster Illycaffè Company.

La Candelilla was the first micro-mill established in Costa Rica, after the success of this company; a lot of producers have followed La Candelilla’s path and currently there are more than 100 micro-mills that produce high quality coffee around Costa Rican coffee growing regions.

Nowadays, after more than 14 years of experience, continuous improvements and a production of 1,850 green coffee bags (2,775 hundredweight) per year; La Candelilla Coffee Mill successfully exports to Europe, United States, Australia and Japan, the most demanding coffee markets in the world.

La Candelilla processes and exports 100% Arabica coffee: var. Caturra 70%, var. Catuai 20%, var. Geisha 6%, var. Typica 2%, and var. SL28 2%.

From the start, La Candelilla Estate approach to business was to provide with an opportunity to the Sanchez{s family members to work for their inheritance and learn more about the wonders that surround the world of coffee.